Monthly Archives: August 2009

Van Jones’ Resignation: What it Means

What Happened: President Obama’s election inspired Progressives who have ground our teeth while the Bush Administration worked to dismantle everything that we believe government should be for.  For environmentalists, many of us were especially excited when Van Jones went to the White House. But this article is not about Van Jones. It’s about how to [...]

Nanotechnology Makes Tiny Particles, Big Health Problems

Nanotechnology?  Is that what Mork from Ork says when he picks up his cellphone? Actually, nanotechnology is the industry where scientists take different substances and isolate their smallest possible particles. And by “small,” we’re talking about sizes once thought impossible (as small as five atoms lined up side by side).  The reason the industry is [...]

Astroturf Agrees to Eliminate Lead Threats to Children

Oakland, CA-The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) today welcomed an agreement by AstroTurf that sets the first-ever legally binding rules to end lead threats to children from artificial turf. The agreement is the first following from a CEH investigation of high levels of lead found in turf from dozens of artificial turf makers “Today’s settlement [...]

A Back-to-School Warning: Some Supplies Still Contain Toxic Risks

Pencil pouches and a backpack are the latest kids’ products found with lead by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), which today initiated legal action to eliminate these health threats. Our legal action coincides with the release of a PVC-Free Back-to-School Guide developed by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ). The Guide gives [...]