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Is There Life on Mars?

Click here to join the growing thousands of concerned parents who are telling Mars that our children deserve better than the usual corporate runaround. It’s time to stop including pesticides and reckless, untested GMOs in candy.

Is There Life on Mars?

Two weeks ago we asked you to join us in urging multinational candy conglomerates Hershey’s and Mars to stop using sugar made from untested sugar beets that are genetically engineered to withstand megadoses of pesticides.  We were encouraged to see thousands of CEH supporters take action, but we were equally dismayed to learn that Mars [...]

Pecans, Macadamias, and Assorted Nuts Cheer the New, Improved EPA

If you’re not a chemical policy nut, you likely missed new US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Lisa Jackson’s speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco last month.  Which is a shame, because it called for a landmark shift in environmental health policy:  the EPA’s return to its mandate. It was a welcome message.  For eight [...]

Lead and GMO Sugar in Halloween Candy?

Urban legends of harmful products in Halloween candy and fruit have caused parents to greet Halloween suspiciously. However, a hidden threat is real in some of the candy on the shelves today – lead and GMO’s. With Halloween coming, every parent wonders what sugary treats their kids will find in their trick-or-treat bags. But did [...]

CEH-Sponsored Bill to Ban Lead Wheel Weights Signed Into Law

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday signed into law state legislation banning the sale and installation of lead-based auto wheel weights. Wheel weights routinely fall off cars and trucks, releasing 500,000 pounds of lead into the environment in California annually, and as a result they are a major source of lead pollution in state drinking water. [...]

Tell the Port of Oakland to Keep Its Promise: Clean Air and Good Jobs in West Oakland

By Christine Cordero There’s no doubt:  the movement of freight is vital to our economic health.  But as the ongoing battle for justice at the Port of Oakland shows, there’s also no doubt that the Port’s daily operations harm the physical and economic health of workers and low-income residents who live in its shadows.