Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Not-So-Green Baby: Another Leady Product from Target

Last week, it was products by Mattel and Disney, and other kids’ products sold at Walmart and Target. This week, it’s an infants’ onesie. And not just any onesie: a Green Baby onesie. Tests on fourteen of the Green Baby onesies consistently show that the inked-on tag on the Target store-brand infant clothing has high [...]

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: it’s supposed to be about enjoying homemade meals and family around the dinner table. But with constant the rush of our daily lives, we inevitably run out of time in our preparations for the big meal. With all the commercial products on the market guaranteeing us stress-free, effortless holiday cooking, it’s easy to forgo [...]

Wal-Mart and Target: Free Lead Ain’t As Cheap As It Used to Be

As the quotable catcher used to say:  It’s like déjà vu all over again. Lead is still in kids’ products, and Wal-Mart and Target are still peddling the dirty goods.  And if the past continues to do the Yogi Berra, these retail giants will tell you that lead isn’t a problem and that Wal-Mart and [...]

Danger at Disneyland?

It’s unbelievable: Disney has known about dozens of lead-tainted brass and stained glass items at Disneyland for nine months, yet the company has failed to act to protect children!  It’s time for Disney’s CEO to hear from you.  Tell Disney: Get the lead out of Disneyland today!

Putting Children’s Products to the (Lead) Test

I recently spoke to a group of business leaders from the apparel industry, many of whom make children’s clothes and other kids’ products. Many small businesses that make children’s products are concerned about implementation of a new federal law, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which sets strict limits on lead and phthalates in [...]