Monthly Archives: December 2009

Toxic Chemicals in Your Living Room

Toxic chemicals and your home —not two things we want to hear together in the same sentence. But toxic chemicals are much more ubiquitous in our homes than we’d like to think. For example, for years, chemical companies have been pouring their fire retardant chemicals into everything from household couch cushions to the plastic covers [...]

John Wayne, Chemical Cowboys Want You to Keep Eating Hormones

(See final paragraph on full post for tips to avoid hormones in beef and dairy). Last week, we wrote about the poultry industry supersizing chickens with arsenic-based drugs. Today, there’s news about cows on performance enhancing drugs of their own. First, the back story:  In 1971, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the [...]

Supersizing Your Chicken, with Arsenic

Earlier this month, CEH joined a legal petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), calling on the agency to ban poultry feed additives containing arsenic, a carcinogen associated with other serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and intelligence deficits. Spearheaded by the Center for Food Safety and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade [...]

Avoiding Fleas and Bug Bombs: Keeping Pesky Pests Away Without Chemicals

A few years back, a friend of mine accidentally applied a dog-formulated flea pesticide on her cat. The next day she found her cat dead. The cat’s veterinarian determined that the only feasible reason for the cat’s death was the exposure to the more highly concentrated, dog-formulated pesticide, even though the formula she used was [...]

Two Plus Two May Once Again Equal Four, Radical Environmentalists Hope

It’s no secret:  for eight relentless years the Bush/Exxon/Mobil Administration opposed the Center for Environmental Health’s strong public health positions.  Lead in children’s products?  No problem, they said.  Reckless support for all things petroleum?  Sign us up, they said.  Gutting clean air and water standards?  Just do it, they said.  Ignoring sound science?  We can’t [...]

Check your Holiday Lights for Lead

Toxic chemicals don’t go well with snowflakes, gingerbread men, and carols around the fire. I hate to even bring them up at this time of year, but they have a way of intruding in celebrations of all kinds. When I was a kid we hung the same lights on our tree every year, and when [...]

A Kerfuffle About Mr. Squiggles

No, it’s not the title of an unpublished Dr. Seuss book. According to the Good Guide, the hottest toy of the holiday shopping season, the Zhu Zhu, may have illegal levels of antimony, a chemical linked to headaches, nausea, wheezing, and damage to the kidneys, liver, and heart. But the company that makes the toy [...]