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Don’t Forget: Tell Chevron to Take Responsibility for their Amazon Chernobyl

This campaign is very important and still needs your voice!  CEH ally Amazon Watch has launched a ChevronToxico Campaign, calling on Chevron’s new CEO to heed the indigenous and farming communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon and take responsibility for the Amazon Chernobyl that was so profitable for the company. Please, take action and sign the petition to [...]

Flame Retardants – Preventing more than Fire

The Center for Environmental Health has long been championing the importance of full disclosure about chemicals included in all products that could be harmful to everyone, but especially women of child bearing years. We’ve been leading the way to remove hazardous flame retardants which are linked to altering women’s fertility. Thankfully the San Francisco Chronicle [...]

CEH Ending Hidden Lead Hazards in Purses

Last April, CEH announced finding high levels of lead in dozens of purses and handbags sold at several major retailers, including Target, Macy’s, WalMart and many others. Last week, a landmark legal agreement with four major companies established, for the first time, limits to end lead threats to women from purses, handbags, clutches and wallets. [...]

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Produce Stickers: How NOT to Spot GMO Food

Are you concerned about the known and unknown health effects of eating genetically engineered (GMO) foods, such as new food allergies and an increased risk of antibiotic resistance, among others?  Do you worry that, because these foods are engineered to withstand megadoses of pesticides, they may expose you to even more poisons than other industrially [...]

Tell Chevron: It’s Time to Take Responsibility for the Amazon Chernobyl

Please sign this petition from CEH ally Amazon Watch to tell John Watson, Chevron’s new CEO, to do the right thing and clean up the company’s mess in Ecuador.

Tell Chevron: It’s Time to Take Responsibility for the Amazon Chernobyl

Oil spills. Hazardous waste dumping. Soil and groundwater contamination. Wholesale ravaging of entire ecosystems. Not that you’d know it from their slick ad campaigns about how much they care for people and the environment, but Chevron’s operations have created some of the worst environmental and human health crises in the world. CEH joins millions of [...]

How Art Thou Wrong, Ms. Northup? Let Me Count the Ways

In my recent letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, I responded to Ann Northup, a commissioner of the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who wrote a misleading editorial in The Journal, opposing new federal legislation that protects children from lead in toys and other consumer products. Why would a government official [...]

CEH in the News on Cadmium in Jewelry

Earlier this week, the Associated Press released a report in which they exposed high levels of cadmium in jewelry sold at major retail stores. Please read our post, “This Months’ Flavor for Toxic Jewelry: Cadmi-yumm,” for the latest on the issue. CEH has been interviewed by news outlets all over the country since the story [...]

This Month’s Flavor for Toxic Jewelry: Cadmi-yumm

So it turns out that cadmium (atomic number forty-eight, for those of you scoring at home) is more than an otherwise-meaningless square on the periodic table. It’s also a toxic heavy metal found in our children’s jewelry. Earlier this week, the Associated Press (AP) reported on high levels of cadmium found in children’s jewelry recently [...]

My Word: Congress Must Give Port of Oakland Authority to Set Standards to Help Truckers

Published in the Oakland Tribune on December 29, 2009 By Christine Cordero and Rome Aloise A THOUSAND truck drivers face unemployment in January when their rigs are banned from the Port of Oakland. The state is rightly enforcing new diesel truck emission standards, but these drivers can’t afford the new trucks or upgrades needed to [...]