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Discarded but not Degraded: What Will the Aliens Think When They Find Our Plastic Crap?

Once-thriving ecosystems around the globe are now choking to death on our discarded plastic relics.  It’s a problem that’s on the minds of Generation Green members, so we’ve begun to share a few tips to help you reduce the amount of plastic that the global polymer machine creates on your behalf. In case you need [...]

Got an Extra Leg to Stand On? Shameless Polluter Needs to Borrow It

The entire Ecuadorian Amazon was once a thriving ecosystem and home to thousands of species (including one called homo sapiens). But Chevron-Texaco’s operations have turned this living treasure into a polluted monument to greed and shortsightedness. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to click here and support Amazon Watch’s ChevronToxico campaign. It’s time the [...]

Generation Green’s Environmental Health Tip of the Week

The Center for Environmental Health is working on a number of projects to protect children and families from dangerous chemicals in plastics, like Bisphenol-A in plastic water bottles and canned food linings and lead in fake leather plastic. But the problem with plastics is more than just the immediate effect they can have on people’s health. Plastic [...]

Son of Toxic Sludge: The Smell That Won’t Die

Sewage sludge is the mucky residue of municipal wastewater treatment operations, consisting largely of human feces. Repackaged as “biosolids,” sludge is sold or given away to farmers and homeowners for use as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. But when used to grow food, our turds may bite back: sludge can contain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, disease-causing [...]

We’re not Cockroaches, EPA. Tell Us What’s in that Toxic Spray!

Take a close look at the fine print on a can of Raid, a bottle of Cutters, a jug of RoundUp, or virtually any pesticide on the market today, and you’ll see these words:  “Inert ingredients.” Inert ingredients are the pesticide industry’s best-kept secret. The Bad News There are thousands of chemicals used as inerts [...]

The Tofu that Ate New York

Sensational, misleading headline of the day: “Becoming Vegetarian ‘Can Harm the Environment.’” Oddly, the content of this bogus article from the UK Daily Telegraph contradicts its own headline, quoting the author of the study it purports to address:  “Simply eating more bread, pasta and potatoes instead of meat is more environmentally friendly.” Let me see [...]

Generation Green’s Environmental Health Tip of the Week

With all this talk and media coverage of hazardous ingredients in purses and jewelry, it’s about time that we think about making more informed choices of the consumer products we buy. These days, there are many helpful blogs with safety information and consumer ratings of numerous brands that you may be thinking about buying, as [...]

At Target this Valentine’s Day: L is for Lead

A Valentine’s Day stuffed bear sounds like a great gift for the kids in your life. But at Target, don’t get too close to the bear! After all the public attention to lead-tainted children’s products, you might think that major companies like Target would have systems in place to insure the safety of products they [...]

Aeropostale Bans Cadmium-Tainted Products from its Stores!

Cadmium – if you slept through high school chemistry, you may have never heard of it. But cadmium is all over the news suddenly, with AP reporting that two national retailers are pulling jewelry items contaminated with the carcinogenic crap. If you’re just tuning in, this all came about because CEH discovered the items in [...]

I Got the Post-Holiday, Trash-Collected, Dump-Protected, Obsolete Electronics Blues

New electronic gadgets top the holiday shopping lists of millions of Americans every year. And this means that every year, more and more obsolete and highly toxic electronic waste piles up in our basements, garages, closets, and (worst of all) town dumps. Here at the Center for Environmental Health, we just invited our staff to [...]