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Californians: Stop Pesticide Secrets

Urge your California Senator and Assemblymember to stop allowing secret, sometimes toxic ingredients in pesticides. We can’t let this opportunity slip by.

Californians: Take Action to Stop Pesticide Secrets

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced last December that it wanted to consider greater disclosure of the so-called inert ingredients in pesticides, it may not have known how many people cared the issue. (“Inert” ingredients in pesticides are the mostly secret, mostly untested chemicals that can cause illnesses, despite their misleading name.)

Soup is Good Food

Ali’s blog on seasonal food got me thinking. It also got me hungry. So I pulled out my seasonal food wheel and wondered what would I recommend to people in this time of root vegetables. Well before you cast them aside as spring comes and with it abundance in fresh, fruits and vegetables, here is [...]

Environmental Tip of the Week: Eating Green for Spring

You’ve probably heard it over and over again:  Want to make your eating habits more eco-friendly?  Buy organic! Eat less meat!  However, one of the most important parts of eating green is learning to buy the specific fruits and vegetables that are ripe and in-season at the moment.  This may seem obvious, but in the [...]

Perdue’s Chicken Labels — For the Birds

In a February press release, poultry giant Perdue announced its latest breakthrough in corporate doublespeak: the company’s birds will now carry a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) “process verified” seal of approval, spending your hard-earned tax dollars to certify the company’s “humane” practices in factory farm poultry production. How does USDA select criteria for this [...]

Greenwashing-Now with Plants!

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook you probably saw the celebrations of World Water Day. If you watch television or happen by a billboard you’ll also learn that Dasani has come out with PlantBottle (oh & it’s trademarked, you know in case another water bottle company wanted to do the “right thing” and then creatively [...]

Environmental Tip of the Week: Celebrate the Environment in Spring!

With the longer daylight hours and warmer spring weather comes the opportunity to get outside and be active.  Because the United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity, why not celebrate our planet’s mind-boggling variety of life by taking part in some of this spring’s Global Environmental events? From Earth Day to World [...]

How Are You Enjoying the Best Week of the Year?

It’s springtime.  The days are getting longer.  Giants’ pitchers are gearing up to hang o-fers up and down the Dodgers’ overrated lineup. And better than all these indisputable truths is the fact that daylight saving time has begun. So, in search of tips to enhance our collective health and happiness, I’m wondering how you and [...]

Why the Enviropig is Full of Shit

The best friend a polluting factory hog farm ever knew is back in the news. The so-called “Enviropig” is a genetically manipulated (GMO) hog that a Canadian team has been trying to develop for more than a decade, in response to the pork industry’s need to evade environmental regulations. Pigs crammed onto factory farms produce [...]

Your Captain Has Illuminated the “Profligate Waste” Sign – Please Throw Something Away

By the time the attendant came by to see to my in-flight comfort, I’d already completed an urgent cost-benefit analysis.  If I really wanted my friends at SouthJetUniBlueWest Airlines to supply me with the three Jack Danielses that reliably equip me to spend time in a multi-ton, airborne tube without screaming my head off, I [...]