Monthly Archives: April 2010

Eco-Tip of the Week: Mother’s Day Organic Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes.  May also brings one of those important holidays for which we need to buy flowers for a loved one:  Mother’s Day.  Over the next week, millions of people will be buying and ordering flowers from local shops or online stores for their mothers, grandmothers, and the [...]

Samsung’s Dirty Little Secret

Look around your house, and no doubt you will find a Samsung product.  Televisions, radios, cell phones, Samsung went from the little company that could to the conglomerate that went everywhere.  As we approach Worker’s Memorial Day and May Day we wish we could tell you a story how fairly Samsung treats its workers. Sadly, [...]

Environmental Tip of the Week: Keeping Toxics out of your Yard

So, you might have heard the old nursery rhyme:  Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? It goes on to say something about cockle shells and other weird plant names.  But that first line asks a pretty good question.  How does your garden grow?  Do you use home pesticides or chemical remedies to [...]

For Corporate Polluters’ Front Groups, Every Day is Defraud the Earth Day

If you heard of a great, health-protective advocacy group called Citizens for Fire Safety (CFFS), you might want to learn more before joining their efforts to protect children from fire hazards. So it might really annoy, disappoint, even enrage you to learn that they don’t really represent citizens. And that they don’t really care about [...]

Can Preventing Pollution Also Prevent Diabetes?

(Guest blogger Sarah Howard is a CEH supporter and an environmental health advocate.) Diabetes is the quintessential “lifestyle” disease – or is it? There is growing scientific evidence that exposure to environmental contaminants may contribute to the development of diabetes. A provocative study of U.S. residents found that people who were obese but had very [...]

Eco Tip of the Week: 16 Things None of Us Should Ever Throw Away

That two-gallon tank of old lawnmower fuel has been gathering dust in your garage for who knows how long.  Rather than pouring toxic fuel down the drain or into the gutter, you take it to the local hazardous waste disposal facility, right? Most folks know that toxic substances like gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, etc. need [...]

Come See a Just and Sustainable Way to Twist, Turn on, and Flush

(SF Bay Area folks:  do yourself a favor and come to the opening of Literacy for Environmental Justice’s Living Classroom on People’s Earth Day, Sunday, April 18, 2010.) _______________________________________ Water.  Energy.  Waste treatment. I’m going to make a case for the sexiness of these overlooked fundamentals. It’s a tall order, I know.

I Think That I Shall Never See, Greenwashing Lovely as a Tree

While waiting for my new tires at a local shop recently, the clerk handed me a beautiful card with an image of a lovely spruce tree, offering me the chance to “Get a quote, plant a tree.” Just for a little more urgency, the card also said “Limited Time Offer.” At the bottom, it had [...]

Environmental Tip of the Week: CEH Office Habits

While looking around our office for the coffee-maker, I started thinking about some of the things we do here to lighten our impact on the environment.  Some are straightforward and common, like putting recycling bins next to each trash can.  Others are more subtle.  Sometimes small changes make big differences both for our wallets and [...]

CEH Ally Arlene Blum Shares the Real Deal on Flame Retardants

Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, Arlene Blum works with CEH to research the effects of flame retardants and push for chemical reform to get these toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Hundreds of studies have shown that flame retardants—toxic chemicals added to everything from couch cushions to television sets—are linked to brain [...]