Monthly Archives: June 2010

Are Californians Dumber than Folks in Connecticut?

We don’t think so. But the chemical industry does. In Connecticut, industry lobbyists thought that they could use fear tactics against a proposed state ban on the toxic plastic ingredient Bisphenol-A (BPA).  But fear mongering lost, and the state adopted a ban, joining five other states, Vermont, Wisconsin, Washington, Maryland, Minnesota (not to mention the [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Fourth of July Celebrations

In honor of summer’s biggest holiday, let’s all make some Independence Day declarations to help protect our health and the environment we share.   Small lifestyle changes (like living less wastefully and avoiding toxic chemicals in everyday consumer products) are a great way to start.  Making conscientious choices can be an immediate contribution to a cleaner, [...]

The World of Green Chemistry

“Today nearly everything we touch—clothing, furniture, carpeting, cabinets, light bulbs, paper, toothpaste, baby teethers, iPhones, you name it—is synthetic,”  Emily Laber-Warren states in her Scientific American article, “Green Chemistry:  Scientists Devise New ‘Benign by Design’ Drugs, Paints, Pesticides and More”. For years, the chemical industry has largely disregarded the environmental and health hazards created by [...]

Something Stinky About Kellogg’s Serial Recalls

On Friday, world’s largest cereal producer Kellogg’s announced a recall of 28 million boxes of sugary Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Corn Pops and Honey Smacks “due to an uncharacteristic off-flavor and smell coming from the liner in the package.” (see the full recall list, below) Late on Friday is the ideal time for companies to [...]

CEH’s Christine Cordero discusses Clean Air and Good Jobs on SF Bay Area’s Green 960

Christine Cordero, CEH’s Coordinator of Environmental Health and Justice, has previously written about her advocacy on behalf of Clean Air and Good Jobs on our blog. Last week, Christine was invited to discuss her important work, on “YourSuperNatural Life”, a popular greenliving website and radio show.  Listen to her discuss the real cost of buying [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Yellow Jackets and Ants, Oh My!

Summer is here, and with it comes many of our favorite warm weather outdoor activities.  But those activities can be interrupted by the summer insects that come out in hot weather.  Yellow jackets swarm around the burgers, grilled salmon or lemonade at our weekend picnics.  And ants find any possible way to get into our [...]

California’s Strawberry Field Poison Gets National Attention

You may have heard “methyl iodide” in the news over the weekend. It’s the name of the newest frighteningly toxic chemical — one that causes cancer and miscarriages — that California regulators are on the verge of approving for use on strawberry fields. Last week California Senator Dean Florez held a hearing to give the [...]

Oil Cleanup? Dispersing the Myths

There has been much recent attention to BP’s use of so-called dispersants in the Gulf oil disaster. Dispersants are chemicals intended to break up the spilled oil, presumably to speed degradation and thus lessen some of the havoc the oil would otherwise wreak. But there are major drawbacks with the use of dispersants, namely: They [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Father’s Day Activities

When it comes to the holidays, it’s common to see a whole slew of “green” gift guides in every environmentally conscious media source.  These guides often consist of so-called “environmentally-friendly” products, brands, and stores.  But, as so many instances of less-than-impressive self-proclaimed “green” brands and companies have proved, greenwashing often abounds in new products.  Many [...]

CEH Wins the SF Business Times’ Green Business Award

“In its mission to create a safer environment, the Center for Environmental Health uses both carrots and sticks”, Michele Chandler wrote in last week’s San Francisco Business Times. This year, CEH is proud to join the prestigious list of the San Francisco Business Times’ Bay Area Green Business Awards winners.  The Green Business Awards honors [...]