Monthly Archives: July 2010

Eco-Tip of the Week: My Favorite Un-Recipes

This week, CEH’s Research Director Caroline Cox follow-ups on our Culinary Month tips to tell us about how she likes to grow, shop for, and prepare the organic food she loves. Unrecipe #1:  Every meal Ingredients: 1. Your neighborhood farmers market 2. A few minutes of your time to sample what’s for sale and talk [...]

Environmental Health is Economic Health

Next time you hear a chemical industry rep (or one of their many fronts) whine about how eliminating toxic chemicals will be too expensive, will wreck our economy, will cause another outbreak of socialism, body odor, and/or Paris Hilton, just remember this number:  $5.85 billion (for those of you who prefer to bask in the [...]

Genetic Test Kits: Predictions of the Future or Pseudo-Science Scam?

In testimony to Congress last week, the General Accounting Office (GAO) thoroughly debunked the marketing of direct-to-consumer genetic test kits, charging that the biotech companies who peddle this high-tech snake-oil scam are guilty of providing “misleading test results” backed by “deceptive marketing and other questionable practices.” If you have purchased genetic testing from a direct-to-consumer [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Celebrating National Culinary Month at Home

It’s not the most well-known month dedication, but apparently, July is National Culinary Arts Month.  Though this four week celebration focuses on celebrating professional cooks and chefs, we thought we’d pay homage to the good old tradition of cooking at home.   Making your own food not only reduces waste, but it also gives you control [...]

There’s What in My Shampoo? Watch the Story of Cosmetics Video!

For many of us, comforting sensations come to mind when we think about our personal care products and how they make us feel, smell, and look.  But do you ever wonder what all those complicated ingredients listed on the back of your favorite shampoo or perfume actually are? We’ve written about this before:  All those [...]

BP Oil Spill Wreaks Havoc on Public Health

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has already been deemed the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.  But the spill has also earned another title: a public health disaster. As the oil continues to gush, its health hazards continue to wreak havoc on the health of Gulf residents and cleanup workers.    By the [...]

Playing Ball Just Got a Little Safer

Thanks to research and legal action by the Center for Environmental Health, millions of children who play on fields of artificial turf will no longer be exposed to potentially hazardous levels of lead. A 2008 CEH expose showing high levels of lead in many varieties of artificial turf culminated this week with legal settlements that [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Summer Camping

Last week Caroline wrote about natural, chemical-free ways to avoid mosquitoes at home and in the wild. This got me thinking about other ways to avoid toxic chemicals while on outdoor adventures. Yes, toxic chemicals in the wild may seem like a contradiction. But campers introduce toxics into the natural environment all too often when [...]

CEH Action Prompts Nationwide Jewelry Recall

Following an investigation and legal action earlier this year by the Center for Environmental Health, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Tween Brands today announced a recall of 19 styles of children’s metal necklaces, bracelets and earrings due to high levels of cadmium. About 137,000 pieces of jewelry were pulled from the company’s Justice and [...]

Confessions of a Young Man’s Love For Jewelry… Compliance Testing

If you were to search for men who admit to frequenting Claire’s Boutique – where your teenage daughters shop for clothes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories with short shelf lives – I am quite certain that you would spend a long time looking.  I visit this store often, along with many others that sell women’s [...]