Monthly Archives: August 2010

Eco-Tip: The Incredible, Inedible Egg

The FDA website has updated information on the recalled eggs and how to read egg cartons for recalled products. Just this morning, two new egg brands were added to the growing recall list. Some more tips: 1.  Cook Eggs Thoroughly: Cooking and baking generally kills salmonella, as long as eggs are cooked thoroughly. So soft [...]

Egg on Our Faces: Recalled Eggs Produced by Corporate Criminal

Factory animal farms run by corporate criminal Austin “Jack” DeCoster have a long legacy of worker safety violations, environmental crimes, and animal abuses. Now DeCoster’s Iowa egg operation has been found responsible for salmonella poisoning that has sickened people in at least twelve states. Up to 1300 people (and counting) may have suffered from the [...]

Eco-Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Use RoundUp (or Trust Its Labels)

At the risk of sounding like the geek that I really am, I’ll make this confession: I’ve been reading the fine print on the back (and front) of Roundup bottles for a couple of decades. The Roundup I’m talking about here is not cowboys chasing down straggling cattle or horses. Roundup, along with other brand [...]

A Global Graveyard for Toxic Electronics

Do you know what happens to your computer once you throw it out? Old electronics are dumped in “digital graveyards” in countries around the world, like China and Ghana, where all of their toxic insides are purged out into massive waste yards, polluting the land and posing grave cancer, developmental, and health threats to the [...]

CEH in Action: Making Bounce Houses Safe

Watch CEH in action:  Learn about how lead threats in Bounce Houses and how YOU can protect your kids!

Eco-Tip: Safe Bounce House Bouncing!

Bounce houses should be fun, not toxic. CEH is working hard to get hazardous lead out of these much-loved play structures but it’s not going to happen overnight. So what do you do about that bounce house birthday party coming up that your kids are so excited about? CEH doesn’t want to spoil your kids’ [...]

Parents Be Warned: Bounce Houses Pose Lead Hazards to Kids!

That’s right, those big, friendly bounce houses that kids (and even some adults) commonly use at birthday parties and events post serious threats to children’s health. Today, the Center for Environmental Health is announcing our lawsuit to stop a new hidden lead poisoning threat to children. CEH’s investigation of lead in bouncehouses found that these [...]

Eco-Tip: 3 Ways to Take Your Household Cleaners from Child-Threat to Child-Safe

“Nearly 12,000 children under age 5 go to the emergency room each year because of injuries caused by household cleaning products, according to a study in today’s Pediatrics” -USA Today article, Spray Cleaners pose poison hazards to babies, toddlers It’s not that we set up our kitchens to poison kids. But sometimes we overlook obvious [...]