A Global Graveyard for Toxic Electronics

Do you know what happens to your computer once you throw it out?

Old electronics are dumped in “digital graveyards” in countries around the world, like China and Ghana, where all of their toxic insides are purged out into massive waste yards, polluting the land and posing grave cancer, developmental, and health threats to the workers (who are often children) and other souls unfortunate enough to live near these horrifically toxic sites.

Just look at these devastating New York Times images from a computer graveyard in Ghana.

CEH works hard for computer take-back programs and responsible e-waste recycling so that this toxic, wasteful cycle doesn’t continue.

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  1. Posted November 12, 2010 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    If you build it green or clean to begin with then you wont have a problem after and actually will make money taking it back later to reuse to build anew, cradle to cradle thereby avoiding costly raw elements and all expenses associated with and then save by producing locally.

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