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Environmental Health California Voter’s Guide

Of all the propositions on the ballot this November, there are two that you should make sure to watch out for if you care about environmental health. Big out-of-state oil, tobacco, and alcohol companies paid big bucks to have Proposition 23 and Proposition 26 added to the California ballot this year. These two propositions both [...]

Californians Are Getting Greenwashed This Election!

It’s not like you haven’t been bombarded with the fact that there is an election going on in California since Valentine’s Day. And now that the time to vote is upon every American, our mailboxes are stuffed with political mailers and our doors are littered with campaign paraphernalia. We’ve sadly come to expect negative campaigning. [...]

Warning: Your Baby Contains Toxic Chemicals!

Crossposted at Hundreds of toxic chemicals, including PCBs, DDT, endocrine disruptors, and dioxins — to name just a few — are showing up in mothers’ and their newborn babies’ bodies. These chemicals, found in everyday household products, can get absorbed during a typical morning routine. Consider this scenario:  the pregnant mom awakens after a [...]

Halloween Hyperactivity Comes in Bright Colors

Halloween is one of those holidays where even the most rational, health-conscious adults give their kids, and themselves, a break and let all junk food precautions fall by the wayside?.  They fill their homes with all the Snickers, Skittles, M&Ms and other Halloween candy goodness that they can find, for their kids, trick-or-treaters, and for [...]

Monsanto’s Superweeds Come Home to Roost

There’s been much recent news about Monsanto paying farmers to use its competitors’ herbicides, in what many see as a last ditch effort to address the spread of superweeds created by the company’s “Roundup Ready” (RR) GMO crops. Environmental scientists warned even before Monsanto’s “herbicide tolerant” GMO crops were approved that they would hasten the evolution [...]

Moving Past Pinkwashing: Breast Cancer Prevention Means Eliminating Toxics

Today I bought a yogurt and opened it up to find a pink ribbon on the back of the lid next to the words “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.  For the last few years, these pink ribbons have been omnipresent in everything from media to food product packaging during the month of October.  So, are all [...]

Why Vote No on Proposition 26 (The Polluters Protection Act)? If Polluters Don’t Pay, Taxpayers Will

Big oil, tobacco, and liquor companies claim Prop 26 is about “taxpayer protection”—when in fact it’s the opposite. This proposition is a thinly veiled attempt to redefine clean up fees as taxes, shifting the financial burden onto taxpayers. Since the industrial age began, dirty industries like paint and petroleum companies have made toxic messes, polluting [...]

FAQ: Working to End Lead Threats to Children

Update: After thinking it over for a day, WalMart decides to pull products nationwide. Yesterday, CEH announced our findings of high lead levels in children’s products from Target and WalMart. After nearly fifteen years of eliminating health hazards to children and families from hundreds of lead-tainted products, we’re often asked how we go about this [...]

Eco-Tip: Ten Everyday Toxics to Avoid

Have you seen USA Today’s brand new health magazine Fresh? The first issue includes a list of “Top 10 toxins and how to protect your family.” When a widely-read mainstream publication like USA Today tackles a topic like this, everyone in the environmental health movement is pleased. If USA Today had asked me to write [...]

The Food Revolution Begins At Home

I was a huge fan of cereal as a kid. Captain Crunch, Golden Grahams, and Lucky Charms were among my favorites. Magically delicious is right. If I didn’t know any better—and I’m not claiming that I do—I would think those miniature, jewel-colored marshmallows had some kind of addictive quality to them. They were that irresistible. [...]