Monthly Archives: February 2011

Safer Bounce Houses on the Horizon

In the news last week was this item: a bounce house caught a gust of wind, and took off, carrying two kids, one of whom was injured when the bounce house landed on a neighbors’ roof. We can’t stop the wind, but bounce house makers can eliminate risks to children from high levels of lead [...]

Styles for Less? More like Styles with Lead!

Yes, once again, the Center for Environmental Health has discovered another retailer selling lead-tainted jewelry .  Styles for Less, a “junior and misses retail store”, markets to young “tween” and teenage girls, who are particularly at risk from lead exposures, as are women of child-bearing age.  Testing commissioned by CEH has found extremely high levels [...]

CEH: Now Accepting Applications for the 2011 Community Environmental Action and Justice Fund!

Are you part of a grassroots, community-based organization?  You might be a great candidate for the Center for Environmental Health’s Justice Fund. A little background: As an important part of our work to help protect the public from toxic chemicals, we file public interest lawsuits against corporate polluters who endanger the health of children, families, [...]

Dilbert Gets Greenwashed

In light of our new “Greenwash of the Month” series, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for the best (well, we really mean worst), most ridiculous, obvious (and, not so obvious), cases of greenwashing. With all the companies trying to “go green” these days, we have to take a step back and realize that, in most [...]

Fruitwashing: Kellogg’s Phony-Fruity Label Claims

Pink strawberry frosted pop tarts.  Now there’s a sweet Valentine’s Day treat for the whole family.  Kids love them, and families and college students alike stock up on them for quick breakfast staples. Even better?  Healthy pop tarts! Right now, stores are selling pop-tart mini crisps in “Special Valentine’s Day Exchange Packs”, and the package [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Earth Footwear

Let’s talk about shoes.  Waltham, Massachusetts-based Earth, Inc. claims its Earth shoes are “good for the planet” and aggressively advertises the environmental benefits of their “vegan” shoes (with a “designed in the USA” American flag label right next to the plain “made in China” one). The shoebox is also labeled “100% lead-free.” But CEH found [...]

McDonald’s: Not Your Friendly, Neighborhood Restaurant

There’s a new little mac n cheese restaurant opening next week in my neighborhood. It’s called Homeroom, and it plans to highlight several mouth-watering sounding varieties of that great American comfort food. Now I don’t usually write about the local food scene, but what caught my attention (and that of some local press) was the name change [...]

For Lead Testing, Corporate Front-Group is in the Bag

CEH recently made news with our findings of high levels of lead in Disney reusable plastic bags sold at Safeway stores. Our concern is that the lead-tainted, children’s-brand bags violate California and federal lead safety standards. Coincidentally, following our findings a group calling itself the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) announced it found lead in [...]

Taco Bell Goes “100% Unnatural”!

 Taco Bell has been under fire recently for its questionable “seasoned ground beef”  that apparently contains less than 35%  real meat.   An Alabama lawfirm has filed a lawsuit claiming that Taco Bell is using false advertising when it refers to using “seasoned ground beef” in its products.  Instead, the meat is a sort of mixture, [...]