Monthly Archives: March 2011

Eco-Tip: How to Reduce BPA in our Bodies

It’s likely that you’ve heard of BPA, a toxic chemical that damages genes and disrupts our hormones. If you’ve tuned in to the alphabet soup of toxic chemicals, you may also have heard of DEHP, another toxic chemical that causes cancer and interferes with our ability to have healthy children. There’s good news about these [...]

Oakland: Cracking Down on Farming?

According to police statistics, Oakland has the highest crime rate and slowest police response time of any major California city. In fact, the rate of violent crime in Oakland is more than twice the average rate of the top ten other California cities. So naturally, Oakland has chosen to crack down on crime, starting with, yes, [...]

Making Water Palette-Able

Last night I saw something on television that made my jaw just about drop into my lap. And no, it wasn’t the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars. Although, to confess, I did catch a glimpse of 49-year-old Ralph Macchio in action while flipping channels—he’s the original Karate Kid—and can report he looks pretty [...]

Bring Clean Air and Good Jobs to Ports!

Right now, you can take action to make the air in our nation’s port-side communities safe for children to breathe.  Now is our chance to bring one of the most effective diesel reduction programs to ports across the country. Take Action today: Urge your Congress Member to Support a Hearing to Bring Clean Air and [...]

Kamala Harris Supports the Clean Truck Program—and So Should Your Member of Congress!

Last month, California Attorney General Kamala Harris filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case in support of efforts by the Port of Los Angeles to reduce air pollution through its Clean Trucks program. The Port of Los Angeles, together with the Port of Long Beach, constitutes the fifth-largest port in [...]

Eco-Tip: Avoiding Toxic Chemicals in Kids PJ’s and other products

Recently I got an email from a pregnant woman wondering about the safety of using hand-me-down pajamas for her newborn given the historic use of flame retardants in children’s sleepwear.  The issue of flame retardants in sleepwear is not as straight forward for consumers as it should be. But let’s see if I can shed [...]

Yuck! One Food I Will Never Eat

After I wrote about some of the highly questionable practices in the beef industry, a colleague asked me if my kids eat fast food burgers. No, they don’t, I answered; in fact, I don’t think either of them (then ages three and eight) have ever had a hamburger, period. I’ve never really made a conscious [...]

Hey Feds: Manage Your Toxic E-Waste Responsibly!

The federal government is one of the largest purchasers of electronics in the United States. That means that every day our government generates untold tons of highly toxic, electronic waste. So here’s the $64,000 public health question:  are our government agencies doing the right thing with their old computers, monitors, printers, copiers, and other electronics?  [...]

Sham “Organic” Shampoo – Dubious Labels on Personal Care Products

The tremendous growth of the organic market has unfortunately fostered the growth of some fishy organic claims. In the organic food sector, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has strict standards, and organic certifiers are generally good about validating organic label claims. But when it comes to personal care products, USDA has failed to establish [...]

The Story of Citizens United v FEC is here!

The Story of Stuff Project has released another illuminating short video this week, to launch the second season of the Story of Stuff.  The new video, The Story of Citizens United v FEC “explores the crisis of corporate influence in American democracy and was inspired by the January 2010 Supreme Court decision that gave corporations [...]