Monthly Archives: April 2011

Flame Retardants: The Asbestos of our Time?

Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, Arlene Blum works with CEH to research the effects of flame retardants and push for chemical reform to get these toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Published today, her op-ed piece, Flame Retardants are the Asbestos of our Time, tells the story of what can happen if [...]

Greener Electronics Going Global

We don’t often think about it when we’re using our computers, cell phones, and other electronics, but these devices have created complex new toxic problems that require global collaboration to resolve. So it was a welcome event last month, when a United Nations-sponsored workshop in Vienna for the first time brought together experts from around [...]

House GOP Attacks EPA and Environmental Regulations-What This Means For YOUR Health

In the hands of the GOP, Congress has mounted an all-out assault on the Environmental Protection Agency, pushing an extensive list of measures to shackle the EPA from exercising its regulatory authority. But wait, there’s more:  the House Republican’s 2012 budget aims to drastically restructure federal policy on a number of fronts: cutting energy research, [...]

Stop Cancer-Causing Strawberry Pesticide

Urge the EPA to keep carcinogenic methyl iodide out of U.S. strawberry fields. These could be the most important clicks your mouse makes today!

5 Simple Things You Can Do For Your Health & the Environment on Earth Day

Usually Earth Day comes and goes, and often times, it can have the unfortunate side effect of greenwashing (just look at all the green leaves and “earth” symbols that are arbitrarily slapped onto the labels of  a bevy of commercial products).  But it’s important to know that we can’t just buy our way out of [...]

Standing Up for Safe Strawberries

My sister is an organic farmer in southern California. Sometimes she grows strawberries, and I have occasionally had the incredible privilege of eating freshly picked strawberries for Christmas dinner. Those strawberries are a piece of paradise, but my sister’s family, as well as families in all strawberry-growing areas, now need your help. This is an [...]

Eco-Tip: Triclosan-Free Alternatives

Do you use antibacterial soaps or sprays to keep your hands clean? Many of us do. And news coverage about bacteria, like germ-infested public transportation seats, can send many of us searching for something we can quickly spray on our hands. One common antibacterial chemical is triclosan. If you’ve been following our blog and advocacy [...]

For CBS “EcoAds”, Seeing Isn’t Believing

If you’re one of the few Americans who doesn’t fast forward through TV commercials, you may have seen something new on certain ads running on CBS programs. These “EcoAds,” a project created by the EcoMedia division of CBS, are commercials that feature a green leaf logo and the phrase “EcoAd” displayed at the bottom of [...]

Senator Frank Lautenberg Introduces “Safe Chemicals Act of 2011″!

“The average American has more than 200 industrial chemicals in their body, including dozens linked to cancer and other health problems. The shocking truth is that the current law does not require tests to ensure chemicals used in everyday household products are safe.” -Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Today, Senator Lautenberg introduced updated legislation to modernize [...]

Take Action Against CBS National Greenwashing Ad Campaign!

Right now, CBS is offering to slap a green logo display on any ad, regardless of the advertiser’s environmental record or whether (or not) the product advertised has any environmental benefit. Take Action to stop this corporate greenwashing program now!  Urge CBS/EcoMedia President Paul Polizzotto:  Change the EcoAd program now!