Monthly Archives: May 2011

Stop Toxic Flame Retardants in Baby Products

Most most baby carriers, car seats, portable cribs, and other baby products contain untested synthetic flame retardants that pose serious health risks.  These flame retardants are unsafe and unnecessary! Urge Gov. Brown:  Take Action against Risky, Untested Flame Retardant Chemicals!

Get Ready for the Red Carpet Event of the Year: The Toxies 2011!

You’ve probably heard about the the Razzies, a satirical spin on the Oscars, but you may not have heard of the Toxies.  June 16, 2011 brings us the second annual red carpet awards ceremony for “Bad Actor” chemicals will take place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. “The Toxies”, created by CEH ally coalition, Californians [...]

Lead Poisoning Still the #1 Health Care Cost for Children in U.S.

Lead poisoning is still the number one health care cost for children in the U.S., costing “$50.9 billion a year” according to new research by senior scientists at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. In 2008, it cost a “staggering $76.6 billion to cover the health expenses of American children who were [...]

Flame Retardants in Baby Products: CEH’s Mary Brune featured in SF Chronicle

“Eighty percent of baby products—from car seats to nursing pillows and portable cribs—contain flame retardants that are untested or known to be toxic”, according to a new study published in Environmental Science and Technology on Wednesday. The study, led by Duke University researcher Heather Stapleton and colleagues, collected and tested foam from 101 baby products, [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Coke’s New Green Image Canned by BPA

In 2010, “Coca-cola went green” according to a Forbes article.  Yes, the beverage behemoth has hopped on the “green-your-corporation-for-a-better-public-image” bandwagon, starting partnerships with Big Green groups Conservation International (who’s having their own problems after being caught on tape offering to help conduct a greenwash effort for representatives of a faux arms dealer)  and World Wildlife [...]

Foxconn: Workers in Chinese iPad Factories May Not Commit Suicide

We’ve alerted you before about issues of e-waste, and electronics workers developing cancer and other illnesses from exposure to the toxic chemicals that go into our phones, laptops, and other electronics.  But these aren’t the only issues surrounding electronics production. In just over a year, a spate of suicides have occurred at the Foxconn factories [...]

Environmental Champion Deborah Raphael Appointed Director of Department of Toxic Substances Control

Good news for the health of Californians: Deborah Raphael has been appointed director of the Department of Toxic Substances Control! You may be thinking: ok, but how does this effect me? Raphael is a strong advocate for public and environmental health—meaning she’ll work to ensure tougher regulations and promote legitimate legislation that protects environmental health.  [...]

Garbage Incineration Threatens Health and Legitimate Renewable Energy in Maryland

This week, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley faces a tough decision on whether or not to veto legislation that would place incineration of garbage on the same level with solar and wind power as a source of renewable energy. Environmental groups and clean energy advocates across the country are urging O’Malley to veto this legislation that [...]

Have You Had Your Daily Dose of Chemicals?

“Americans are exposed to untested combinations of food additives, dyes, preservatives, and chemicals on a daily basis.  Indeed, for the vast majority of Americans consuming industrial foods, a veritable chemical cocktail enters their bodies every day…”, Kristin Wartman wrote in a Huffington Post article published last week. Our Deadly, Daily Chemical Cocktail discusses one of [...]