Monthly Archives: June 2011

You and I vs. Money

You may never have heard of Arysta LifeScience, the largest privately-held agrochemical company in the world. You’re more likely to have heard of Arysta’s most infamous product, methyl iodide. It’s a frighteningly toxic pesticide that has just been used for the first time in California. Arysta is a wealthy enough company that it hires big [...]

A Synthetic Satire: The Toxies 2011!

The second annual Toxies were a smash hit, with great interviews of all the bad actor nominees, and enough toxic glamour and glitz to light up all of Hollywood! Held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, the Toxies ceremony honored killer chemicals with all the style and grace a true awards show should have. [...]

Stop the Use of Methyl Iodide in California

Methyl iodide has been on the market for 6 months in California, and been used twice. Governor Brown agreed to revisit the methyl iodide decision in March, but has not yet done so. Meanwhile, more than 35 CA legislators wrote EPA urging a ban of the chemical nation-wide.  Call Governor Brown to push him to [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Does My Hair Look “Organic”? Mislabeled Organic Personal Care Products

When you buy shampoo, lotions, toothpastes or other personal care items and you see the word “organic” on the package, you probably expect the product is made with mostly organic ingredients. After all, that’s why you buy these products, which are safer for you, your family, and for the farm workers and rural communities where [...]

Stop Organic Greenwashing!

Many personal care product labels misuse the word “organic”, duping consumers into buying products that are not actually “organic” and may even contain toxic chemicals that consumers would never expect to find in an organic product.  Companies selling “organic” labeled products, like Hain, must stop this organic greenwashing. Tell Hain CEO: Products labeled as “organic” [...]

Pick Your Poison: Vote for Toxies People Choice Award

The Toxies is a different kind of awards show, with a unique list of actor nominees.  They are “bad actors”–chemicals that will seriously damage your health.  Yes, these Toxie nominees can do many nasty things.  They may just give you cancer, leave you sterile, or change your genetic material. This year, for the 2011 Toxies, [...]

We are the Guinea Pigs for the Health Effects of Cell Phone Use

The presence of cell phones in most parts of the world is undeniably ubiquitous—so it’s not surprising that many people (and news outlets) have chosen to ignore the studies that have been emerging over the last several years about cell phone radiation and its possible links to cancer.   But the public can’t ignore the [...]

Flaming Mad About Risky Chemicals in Baby Products

In a paper published last month, Duke University researcher Heather Stapleton and colleagues collected and tested foam from 101 baby products, including changing table pads, nursing pillows, car seats, and others. The research for the first time analyzed baby products for the presence of chemical flame retardants, including chemicals that are banned, known to be [...]

Hitting the Bottle

Since last week was full of celebrations in honor of Memorial Day, and the “unofficial beginning of summer” (although you’d never know it from where I’m sitting; it hailed this morning), you might have missed another cause for celebration:  The passage of AB 1319 last week by the California State Assembly.  The bill, once passed [...]