Monthly Archives: September 2011

Greenwash of the Month: “My Teacher Says Plastic Bags are A-OK!”

It’s like the plot for an action-filled Hollywood movie:  the evil mastermind tries to  gain power and control by indoctrinating the unsuspecting civilians.  In this case, the villain is the American Chemistry Council, the chemical industry’s trade group.  And the Council’s civilian targets?  They’re California’s school children.  Over the past two years, the Chemistry Council [...]

Where Old Phone Cords Go?

“Out with the old, in with the new” is certainly a phrase that can be used to describe the electronics industry–the new iPad, the updated Android–the list of coveted new products goes on forever.  With that constant flow of new products to be bought, comes the constant flow of old products to be thrown away.   We’ve written about the issue of toxic e-waste [...]

Moneyball: Hollywood (and Artificial Turf) Comes to Oakland

Last night the stars were out at Oakland’s historic Paramount Theater for the premier of Moneyball, the Brad Pitt vehicle (from the fabulous Michael Lewis book of the same name) about Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane. The stars and guests were welcomed to the theater with a freshly installed artificial turf baseball diamond constructed just [...]

Baby Bottles Shouldn’t Pose Health Threats: Tell Governor Brown to Ban BPA

Children’s baby bottles and sippy cups shouldn’t threaten their health by contaminating their food and drink.  Yet most plastic baby bottles and sippy cups contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful chemical linked to health problems including brain and heart disorders, as well as breast cancer and infertility later in life. But right now, there is [...]

Justice Begins with (Non-GMO) Seeds

As the Justice Begins with Seeds conference kicks-off in San Francisco, it’s a good time for a reminder about some of the reasons that we are concerned about genetically engineered (GMO) food. For example, there is increasing concern that allergies may occur unintentionally as a result of genetic tinkering. A report in the New England [...]

Say No to Frack

You’ve heard quite a bit about fracking (the process used to extract natural gas from shale rock) from CEH over the past couple of weeks.  We’ve written about the fracking debate that is currently heating up on the east coast, and the appalling greenwashed coloring book released by a fracking company, aimed to manipulate children’s [...]

What’s Inside Your Tech Gadgets? The History and Health Impacts of Rare Earth Metals

From missiles and aircraft generators to ipods and tv monitors, rare earth metals are used in a vast amount of the products we use everyday.  With the increase in production of tech gadgets comes an increase in global demand for rare earth metals–but that demand comes a cost.  The mining, refining, and manufacturing processes used [...]

The Fracking Debate is Blowing Up….And So Could The West Village

Houston-based gas company Spectra Energy has proposed building a high-pressure natural gas pipeline that would run through the tri-state area, including through Linden, Bayonne, Staten Island, Jersey City, the Hudson River, and entering Manhattan through the West Village. The proposal includes a storage tank to be placed near The Highline, a park in the New [...]

“Another Side of Justice”: My Summer as a CEH Intern

I just graduated from high school and the only time I really thought about the environment was in science class. I knew chemicals can harm you but I didn’t realize that the toxics were located in the products I use every day. That all changed this summer. As a Rose Foundation intern I worked at [...]

Brains & Beakers: Watch CEH at Oakland’s Youth Radio

Watch the video of CEH’s recent visit to Youth Radio, to demonstrate some of our work for their Brains and Beakers event.  Research Director Caroline Cox, along with Research Assistant Matt Nevins, showed students how they use an X-ray gun to test the chemical makeup — and safety — of fashion accessories and household items.