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Truly Organic: Agreement Creates Truth-in-Labeling for Organic Personal Care Products

Yesterday, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) announced the first-ever legal settlement reached under California organic law. Under the agreements reached with eleven companies that make products sold at national retailers, including Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods and many others, their “organic” labeled products must comply with state rules requiring such products to contain at least [...]

Cranberry Sauce Showdown

Yes, we know we know:  Your mom/aunt/uncle/(insert family member here) is the best cook in the world and no one knows how to make gravy or stuffing or mashed potatoes like she/he does.  We’d never argue with that, but all we’re saying is that Thanksgiving dinner is wide open to interpretation, and that’s exactly what [...]

Don’t Take the Bait!

When my kids were little, one of their favorite holiday stories was about a starving mouse who ate the (leather) organ bellows in a church and in doing so ruined the traditional holiday service. But miracles do happen, and the children’s choir, who had been pretty tone deaf, was suddenly singing Silent Night in gorgeous, [...]

Watch: The Story of Broke

“We can rebuild the American Dream; we can afford to have a healthy environment, good jobs, and top-notch public education.  But not if we continue subsidizing the dinosaur economy.” –Annie Leonard, The Story of Broke Last week, the new Story of Stuff Project released its latest video, “The Story of Broke.”   In the 8-minute film, [...]

Beware the Frack Flack Attack

The fracking industry recently held a conference on using public relations to “overcome public concern over hydraulic fracturing.” The result: media reports of the conference have greatly increased public concerns about fracking, and especially about the industry’s downright scary public relations tactics. Tapes of the conference that CNBC obtained from Earthworks activist Sharon Wilson show [...]

Take Part: November 10th is the National Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals!

Thursday, November 10th, is the second National Stroller Brigade Day of Action in support of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. Parents and kids across this country will don superhero capes with the goal of encouraging more Senate support for this important bill. The west coast version of the August stroller Brigade will be in [...]

Urge Senator Feinstein to Support the Safe Chemicals Act!

YOU can participate in bringing about greater Senate support for the Safe Chemicals Act! CALL or SEND a message (or both!) to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office and ask her to sign-on as a co-sponsor of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.  Tell Senator Feinstein:  I want Safer Chemicals!

Sleeping with the Enemy: Are There Toxins in your Tot’s Crib?

Crossposted from Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog. Even though my son is now three years old, I can still recall how nervous I was around his sleep habits when he was a newborn. If he slept longer than the expected 3-4 hours at a stretch, I would hover over his crib, sending him subliminal [...]

Behind the Media Curtain: A Nonviolent Movement for Change

Last Wednesday, several members of CEH’s Oakland-based staff took place in parts of the day-long Occupy Oakland General Strike events. Word-of-mouth reports of the day noted the wide variety of peaceful and committed actions throughout the day: meditation groups, workshops and teach-ins, a prayer tent, children’s activities and much more. The crowd included city workers [...]

Wall Street Makes Me Sick: Economic Inequality and Our Health

Recent events around Occupy Wall Street and local occupy movements around the country have raised concerns about corporate power and inequality that polls show are shared by the majority of Americans.  It turns out most Americans are sick and tired of Wall Street greed.   What’s more, increasing economic inequality is making many sick and [...]