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Not Monsanto’s Biotech Basics: The ABCs of GMOs

Preceding the news yesterday that more than 1 million Americans have signed the petition calling on the FDA to label genetically modified (GMO) foods came more unsettling news about the biotech industry’s assault on our children’s minds. A primer on “biotechnology basics” for school children is being distributed by the trade group made up of [...]

Stand Up to Monsanto this Wednesday—March 28th is National GMO Call-In Day

This Wednesday we’re calling on Walmart to reject selling Monsanto’s GE sweet corn before farmers start planting it this summer. Walmart cares most about their bottom-line and public image. That’s why we’re collaborating with our allies at Food & Water Watch to generate thousands of calls from consumers this Wednesday, March 28th.  If there’s enough [...]

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Label GMO Food

Those nauseating food police are at it again. They say that GMO food may be harmful to our health, and they complain that without labels it is almost impossible to determine what harmful effects these untested foods may have. Sure, our children are the first generation who have been eating these foods for their entire [...]

Victory- Methyl Iodide Pulled from Use on Strawberry Crops!

“WOW!!! We did it!” Yesterday Arysta Life Sciences announced the “immediate suspension of product sales for all formulations of the fumigant MIDAS® in the United States.”  Midas is the brand name for methyl iodide, the hazardous pesticide that CEH and our allies have been fighting since California approved it last year for use on strawberry [...]

Would A Coke By Any Other Color Taste As Sweet?

I haven’t had a  Coke in years. My parents kept a soda-free kitchen, so as a young child I didn’t know what Coke tasted like. Once at a birthday when I was nine or ten I was handed a paper cup full of Coke. I took a sip (expecting it to be a treat that [...]

What Are Cleaning Product Manufacturers Trying to Hide?

Spring is upon us, and with it spring cleaning.  As people across the country begin to break out their mops and buckets, they shouldn’t have to worry about what’s in their cleaning products. Today, New Yorkers—including CEH’s own Eastern States Director Ansje Miller—are pushing for the enforcement of a 40-year old state disclosure law for [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Walmart Fails to Deliver on Sustainability

The other day, we wrote about how Walmart is Behind the Curve on GMOs. According to a recent report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) shows that safer food is not the only sustainability issue the company is behind on. Remember that whole ‘green’ stint that Walmart had going there for a while?  You [...]

Mr. Tortorello: Stop the Toxic Insults;They Aren’t Helping

Crossposted from Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog Reading Michael Tortorello’s recent piece published March 14th in the New York Times (“Is It Safe to Play Yet? Going to Extreme Lengths to Purge Household Toxins”), evoked in me the same reaction the writer insinuates that reports of environmental toxins evoke in many mothers: crazed anger. Or [...]

Join Us: This Saturday is GE-Free Action Day at Walmart!

Walmart is behind the curve on GMOs. While Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have responded to CEH’s surveys asking for their policy on Monsanto risky new, pesticide-laden corn, Walmart has ignored our direct questions about the Monsanto corn (check out the details in press release: Pressure on Walmart to Rebuff GE Sweet Corn Intensifies). In [...]

Tell Walmart: Just Say No to GMO Corn!

Monsanto’s new experimental GMO corn contains a toxic pesticide in every bite,  intended for the frozen and/or canned corn market. This experimental corn will not be labeled, so consumers cannot know when they may be eating a GMO food.  As the nation’s largest retailer and a major provider of frozen and canned corn, Walmart has [...]