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The Toxic Turf Times, Vol. 1

I’ve never been much of an athlete.  When I view home videos from my childhood, I am dismayed to see that I spent more time “coaching” my little league soccer teammates as to where an opponent kicked the ball (as if they couldn’t see for themselves) than running after the ball myself. I’m no athlete, but [...]

Ten Reasons Not to Use Pesticides- 2012 Edition

Have you ever wanted to explain to your neighbor why it would be a good thing if he didn’t use chemicals on his lawn? Or explain to the principal at your child’s school why you’d rather she didn’t ask the custodian to spray for ants? Or remind yourself why it helps the whole planet if [...]

NYC SPARK Event: Toxic Chemicals in my Couch?

Come celebrate Mother Earth and your favorite environmental health group (that’s CEH!) and join us for wine, light hors d’oeuvres, and vibrant conversation at the SPARK speaker series where we’ll talk about the incendiary topic: What Are Pounds of Toxic Flame-Retardants Doing in my Furniture? Featuring: Michael Green, Executive Director, CEH and Robin Guenther, Principal, Perkins+Will Tuesday, [...]

The Toxies Are Back!

On June 24th, the baddest toxic chemicals and pollutants in the industry will be walking the red carpet of shame in Los Angeles for The Toxies. This year will mark the 3rd Annual Toxies–a satirical red carpet awards ceremony showcasing toxic chemicals and pollutants!  There will be many exciting 2012 Toxies nominees, with new categories [...]

Oakland’s first Veg Week, a celebration of meatless eating

By Megan Molteni, crossposted from Oakland North Colleen Patrick-Goudreau grew up in a world of mixed messages about animals. Dogs and cats were for loving; pigs and cows were for eating. This disparity, which she calls a “schizophrenic” attitude toward animals, began to gnaw at her more and more as she became an adult. Her [...]

Oakland Veg Week: Recipes So Good, You Won’t Even Miss the Meat!

Going vegetarian for a week?  It’s really not as hard as it may sound.  This year, a whole slew of Oaklanders are taking the dive and going vegetarian for Oakland Veg Week—a city wide, week-long celebration that challenges Oaklanders to pledge to be vegetarian for one week to improve their health, environmental sustainability, and animal [...]

Stand Up to Support the Safe Chemicals Act!

The mounting evidence can’t be denied: toxic chemicals we’re exposed to everyday can significantly increase the risk of developing a myriad of health problems including infertility, learning and developmental disabilities, and even cancer. Congress has an obligation to pass a law that will protect our families from harmful chemicals. Tell Congress: We’re tired of being [...]

CEH on Sea Change Radio: The Fight for GMO Transparency

Have you ever tasted a strawberry whose DNA was altered to include fish genes? In the United States, genetically modified foods are not generally labeled as such.  Last week, CEH’s own Communications and Food Program Director Charles Margulis was a guest on Sea Change Radio. If you’ve seen any of our our advocacy campaigns or [...]

Eco-Tips for National Public Health Week: CEH’s Greatest Hits

It’s National Public Health Week, an occasion that brings many CEH issues to the forefront of national attention.  Safer products, food, air and water mean better national public health.  You’ve seen public health issues in the news recently—from the ‘pinkslime’ in school lunches, to the battle over BPA in packaging.  All of these seemingly disjointed [...]

Pink Slime Defenders To America: Eat Shit and Die

By now much of America has learned that they have been unknowingly eating pink slime burgers for many years, and the vehement and widespread consumer revulsion means that the slime burger industry is fighting for its life.  The controversy, first exposed by the New York Times in late 2009 (a piece we followed with our [...]