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Are Toxic Chemicals In Your Home Your Problem?

By Christina Medina and Rebecca Fuoco, crossposted from California Progress Report On Sunday an unusual and quirky red carpet award show in Hollywood brought the normally faceless and intangible issue of chemical exposure and regulation to life. The Third Annual “Toxies”, an event put on by Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles and Californians for a [...]

CA Recognizes Cancer-Causing Chemical Used in Shampoos

California keeps a list of chemicals known to cause cancer and/or reproductive health problems. State scientists update the list as new studies emerge on chemicals, often chemicals found in common household products. Last week, California officially identified a chemical known as cocamide DEA as a cancer-causing chemical. What’s cocamide DEA? It sounds like coconut, right? [...]

CEH Still Finding Lead in Women’s Handbags and Wallets

Women’s style magazines and designers’ ad campaigns have been heralding the “must-have” accessories of this fashion season: bright wallets, bold purses, and colorful clutches. Right now, the handbag sections of stores are packed with shades of lemon, lime, mustard, goldenrod, tangerine, apricot, orange peel, candy apple. Cute? Sure. Stylish? Perhaps. However, as CEH has discovered, [...]

Rio+20 Talks Plasticity and Our Future

Right now, the largest global conference ever is taking place at Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. On June 21 environmentalists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, diplomats and activists will gather to discuss one toxic pollutant – in all its shapes and sizes – that is amassing and leaking into our waterways, soils and our bodies: plastics. The Rio+20 [...]

Don’t Miss the Toxies- this Sunday, June 24th, 4pm!

The 3rd Annual Toxies–a satirical red carpet awards ceremony for toxic chemicals and pollutants–is this Sunday! This year will be better than ever, with new categories and chemical nominees, and a brand new celebrity host- D.W. Moffett, from ABC Family’s Switched at Birth and TV Land’s Happily Divorced! Whether you’ll be joining us in Los [...]

Mother Jones: Blinded by “Science” on GMO Food

Sarah Zhang’s defense of genetically modified (GMO) crops in Mother Jones purports to make the scientific case for the safety and environmental benefits of GMOs. It’s an easier case to make when one focuses solely on one GMO variety, as Zhang does, while ignoring the majority of GMOs grown worldwide. Zhang writes only about the [...]

EPA & Joe Chemical Move to Act on TSCA Reform

Be still my beating heart. The EPA is actually considering regulating chemicals under the law that was put in place in the 1970′s to regulate chemicals: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Most environmental lawyers don’t even bother looking at TSCA because they assume that it gives them nothing to work with in terms of actually [...]

OMG! GMO– The Toxies Nominee That Nature Never Intended

GMO’s–it’s the chemical 2012 Toxies nominee that nature never intended.  She’s the weird unnatural science project lurking in your food.  She is resistant to very toxic pesticides so genetically modified food carries higher toxic residues and forces the usage of stronger pesticides and the creation of “superweeds”. She very much appreciates the FDA relying on GMO-producing [...]

It’s a Couch, It’s a Baby Stroller, It’s…Toxies Nom Halogenated Flame Retardants!

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent Chicago Tribune exposes on killer chemical flame retardants, then you’re already familiar with 2012 Toxies Nominee Halogenated Flame Retardants. She’s a killer hiding behind a mask of good intention. Relaxing in our homes all day, every day, then running in, pretending she can stop a fire! Save [...]

Electronics Eco-Label Standard Finally Passes–but it’s still far from perfect

I have to admit that it was with mixed feelings that I received the recent news that the two latest EPEAT (electronics eco-label) standards for Imaging Equipment and Televisions has finally passed!  It felt good to know that when you buy electronics you will soon have a way to identify and purchase more environmentally-friendly printers, [...]