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Mushrooms, Method, and…Jimi Hendrix? More Auction Items to Bid on at CEH’s Annual Gala!

On top of keynote speaker Paul Hawken, our upcoming Annual Gala on September 10th will have a short Live Auction and our first Silent Auction. Among other big time auction items including a trip to Mayacamas Ranch and a day on the Set of Private Practice, there are many more goodies to get excited about—we have [...]

Congrats to the CEH Justice Fund Grantees of 2012

How are nail salons, playgrounds, and solar panels related to each other?  They are all 2012 CEH Justice Fund grantees.  They and many other issues are being fought by many environmental justice organizations across California to protect communities from toxic exposure and be a part of building healthier environments and healthier communities. As an important [...]

Intern Stories- Rohini Behl

Although summer was what felt like eons away, I started determining my summer plans in December. That’s right – a full 5 ½ months in advance. Anything could go wrong in that time – I didn’t have any clue of just how wrong. Essentially, before me there were two options: take summer courses or find [...]

CEH’s Annual Gala invites- hitting your mailbox now!

Last week, we were hard at work getting our beautiful CEH Annual Gala invites out to our California friends and supporters.  The invites list all the fun details about our Gala, including keynote speaker Paul Hawken, and many exciting auction items to bid on, including a Day on the Set of Private Practice, a basket [...]

Intern Stories: Julia Hannafin

When I first walked into CEH’s office in downtown Oakland for my internship interview, I knew little to nothing about environmental toxins affecting public health. I considered myself relatively knowledgeable about environmental health – after all, I had grown up in Berkeley, California (one of the most liberal cities in the nation, if not the [...]

Another Reason to Look Forward to CEH’s Annual Gala

Along with amazing keynote speaker Paul Hawken, we have many exciting things to look forward to at CEH’s Annual Gala on September 10th in San Francisco! This year, CEH will be hosting a short Live Auction and our first Silent Auction at the gala. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to bid on the [...]

Intern Stories: Dominique Smith

All through the school year students are put under the stress of exams and research papers and study groups and life that summer becomes the beckoning light that indicates their ability to be able to soon breathe again. And once this season of freedom is close enough you can feel the beach sand between your [...]

CEH Finds Lead in Ginger and Plum Candies

For all of you who are fond of ginger and plum candies, this is an important message. Please share it with everyone you know who enjoys these treats. For the last couple of months CEH has been buying and testing ginger and plum treats, especially at stores that specialize in Asian food. We’ve found that these [...]

Californians to the EPA – We Want Clean Air!

As the summer heat sets in, some may consider the air quality a passing concern, while for others it is an invisible cage on their daily activity: “I check the air quality rating every day now,” said one former college track athlete and lung cancer survivor, now a Sacramento trainer in his early thirties. His [...]

Air Pollution and the Olympics

Tahmina Kohistani, the only female Afghan track athlete competing in the London Olympics, trains in the Afghan capital Kabul – a city with some of the worst air pollution in the world. In the Afghan capital alone, the number of deaths caused by air pollution rivals the number of civilians killed nationwide every year by [...]