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Leave it Out of the Landfill- Composting for Your Home or Small Business

This post was written by Guest Blogger Tim Eyre. More and more, municipalities across the United States are looking for ways to avoid filling their areas’ landfills. The reason is usually economics: cities and towns can’t afford to purchase more space and are running out of the room they have, so they are looking to [...]

Watch: CEH Talks Lead in Purses on “The Doctors”

“Could you be carrying a harmful toxin around with you every day? Recently, The Center for Environmental Health found dangerous levels of lead in purses.” Popular T.V. show, The Doctors, features a team of professional doctors that deliver answers about the public’s health questions daily.  This week the show focused on hidden health dangers lurking [...]

Flame Retardant Chemicals Front Group Goes Up in Smoke

More than two years ago, CEH exposed the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics used by a chemical industry front group called Citizens for Fire Safety (CFFS). More recently, we highlighted the front group’s fraud with this hilarious video. CFFS includes no actual citizens and does not work for fire safety; instead, for years they have [...]

I Know What You Did Last Summer….at CEH

On Monday, September 10th, CEH and hundreds of our friends celebrated our 16th anniversary and 16 years of environmental health accomplishments with a gala at the beautiful Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.  If you missed the event, we will have photos and videos of the event to share with you soon. For now, you can [...]

Californians: Stop the Secret Spraying!

Remember the apple moth? The crazy days of apple moth eradication in 2007 may seem far away. Was it just a nightmare? Or did the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) really try to spray pesticides out of airplanes onto ten million people in an attempt to kill a nondescript brown moth? A moth [...]

Going Once, Going Twice…SF Giants Tickets, A Family Portrait Session, and Eco-Friendly Fashions

The Gala is less than one week away! Excitement is building in the CEH office as we get ready for the Annual Gala on September 10th as more of our Silent Auction Items arrive in the mail!  Whether you like baseball, photography, or fashion there’s an item at the auction for you! San Francisco Giants [...]

Intern Stories: Olivia Zhu

In my senior year of high school, I felt stifled.  I went through the motions of applying to twenty-three colleges, slacking off on my school work, playing my final soccer game, and reveling in the last moments of my youth, but my heart wasn’t in it.  My graduation this June was anticlimactic.  My entire childhood, [...]