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Charlie supervises the operations of CEH. Before coming to the organization, he spent twelve years helping attorneys unearth and decipher the facts necessary to defend people facing the death penalty. In this little-known corner of the law, human rights advocates witness the unfortunate collision of the most pressing social justice issues of our day – race, poverty, employment, education, health, and of course, the environment. He is pleased to contribute to solutions to the environmental ills that have devastated the lives of countless families and communities across the nation.

Hey Feds: Manage Your Toxic E-Waste Responsibly!

The federal government is one of the largest purchasers of electronics in the United States. That means that every day our government generates untold tons of highly toxic, electronic waste. So here’s the $64,000 public health question:  are our government agencies doing the right thing with their old computers, monitors, printers, copiers, and other electronics?  [...]

A Note from the You May Now Rest Easily Department

US Congress member John Shimkus (R – IL) is now pursuing the chair of the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.  But that’s just politics and energy and the kind boring stuff that flashes by on C-SPAN as I dance between Fox News and MTV.  Who cares about that? I’m here to tell [...]

Environmental Health is Economic Health

Next time you hear a chemical industry rep (or one of their many fronts) whine about how eliminating toxic chemicals will be too expensive, will wreck our economy, will cause another outbreak of socialism, body odor, and/or Paris Hilton, just remember this number:  $5.85 billion (for those of you who prefer to bask in the [...]

Take Action: Stand Up for Good Jobs and Clean Air!

Though I really do crave it, that new flat-screen TV would be a guilty pleasure.  I mean I’ve got a working set, and the new one would doubtlessly be made in Asia, brought here on a ship, loaded onto an 18-wheel diesel truck, carried to a major retailer’s regional distribution warehouse, unloaded, put on another [...]

Come See a Just and Sustainable Way to Twist, Turn on, and Flush

(SF Bay Area folks:  do yourself a favor and come to the opening of Literacy for Environmental Justice’s Living Classroom on People’s Earth Day, Sunday, April 18, 2010.) _______________________________________ Water.  Energy.  Waste treatment. I’m going to make a case for the sexiness of these overlooked fundamentals. It’s a tall order, I know.

The Petroleum Industry’s Legislators Want Oil, Not Olive Branches

Wouldn’t you know it? One day I agree to stop tarnishing this exalted space with four-letter words, and the next day the president goes and vows to open enormous stretches of protected coastline to oil drilling.  Here’s the G-rated version of my reaction.

Californians: Stop Pesticide Secrets

Urge your California Senator and Assemblymember to stop allowing secret, sometimes toxic ingredients in pesticides. We can’t let this opportunity slip by.

How Are You Enjoying the Best Week of the Year?

It’s springtime.  The days are getting longer.  Giants’ pitchers are gearing up to hang o-fers up and down the Dodgers’ overrated lineup. And better than all these indisputable truths is the fact that daylight saving time has begun. So, in search of tips to enhance our collective health and happiness, I’m wondering how you and [...]

Your Captain Has Illuminated the “Profligate Waste” Sign – Please Throw Something Away

By the time the attendant came by to see to my in-flight comfort, I’d already completed an urgent cost-benefit analysis.  If I really wanted my friends at SouthJetUniBlueWest Airlines to supply me with the three Jack Danielses that reliably equip me to spend time in a multi-ton, airborne tube without screaming my head off, I [...]

Discarded but not Degraded: What Will the Aliens Think When They Find Our Plastic Crap?

Once-thriving ecosystems around the globe are now choking to death on our discarded plastic relics.  It’s a problem that’s on the minds of Generation Green members, so we’ve begun to share a few tips to help you reduce the amount of plastic that the global polymer machine creates on your behalf. In case you need [...]