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Congrats to the CEH Justice Fund Grantees of 2012

How are nail salons, playgrounds, and solar panels related to each other?  They are all 2012 CEH Justice Fund grantees.  They and many other issues are being fought by many environmental justice organizations across California to protect communities from toxic exposure and be a part of building healthier environments and healthier communities. As an important [...]

CEH: Now Accepting Applications for the 2011 Community Environmental Action and Justice Fund!

Are you part of a grassroots, community-based organization?  You might be a great candidate for the Center for Environmental Health’s Justice Fund. A little background: As an important part of our work to help protect the public from toxic chemicals, we file public interest lawsuits against corporate polluters who endanger the health of children, families, [...]

Victory for California: Los Angeles Rules in Favor of the Clean Truck Program

It’s about time.  In a tremendous legal victory for clean air and workers’ rights, a CA district judge has ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Clean Truck program.  The Clean Truck program allows the Port of Los Angeles to enforce all provisions of one of the most effective diesel reduction programs in the country! [...]

From Oakland to DC for Clean Air & Good Jobs! Part Two: Congressional Champions Stick Up to Industry for Port Drivers & Communities

Oakland residents are among some 87 million Americans who live in port-polluted U.S. regions with disproportionately high rates of asthma, cancer, and respiratory illnesses that claim thousands of lives each year.  In a previous article we told you about our work with the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports to restore stability to our Ports [...]

From Oakland to DC for Clean Air & Good Jobs!

As we’ve blogged before, CEH as part of our Safe Air, Water and Food campaign is part of the Green Blue Alliance fighting to restore stability to our Ports system and improve air quality in low income communities. With hope that we have an ally in the White House, and stuck with a lawsuit against [...]

My Word: Congress Must Give Port of Oakland Authority to Set Standards to Help Truckers

Published in the Oakland Tribune on December 29, 2009 By Christine Cordero and Rome Aloise A THOUSAND truck drivers face unemployment in January when their rigs are banned from the Port of Oakland. The state is rightly enforcing new diesel truck emission standards, but these drivers can’t afford the new trucks or upgrades needed to [...]