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Justice Fund Stories: Democracy in Action with Union de Vecinos

Water justice is beyond the science of contamination and clean up, it is about democracy. For the members of Union de Vecinos, this truth has mobilized and empowered their struggle for clean, healthy water for the city of Maywood, a small, working-class community in southeast Los Angeles County. For years whenever residents and members of [...]

CEH’s Justice Fund Helps Youth-Led Group Find Solutions to Cool the Planet

From the local to the global, we are all struggling to recognize and face the climate crisis to create lasting, viable solutions and connectivity among communities. For youth in southeast San Francisco, many are living the direct connection between the effects of climate change in their home countries in Latin America and with their families [...]

Californians to the EPA – We Want Clean Air!

As the summer heat sets in, some may consider the air quality a passing concern, while for others it is an invisible cage on their daily activity: “I check the air quality rating every day now,” said one former college track athlete and lung cancer survivor, now a Sacramento trainer in his early thirties. His [...]

Rio+20 Talks Plasticity and Our Future

Right now, the largest global conference ever is taking place at Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. On June 21 environmentalists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, diplomats and activists will gather to discuss one toxic pollutant – in all its shapes and sizes – that is amassing and leaking into our waterways, soils and our bodies: plastics. The Rio+20 [...]