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Stand With Kids, NOT the Chemical Industry: Support the Safe Chemicals Act!

The chemical lobby has spent millions in this election to back candidates for Congress. Congress needs to protect American families from toxic chemicals by supporting the Safe Chemicals Act.  Send a message to your federal candidates today and let them know that you care deeply about increased oversight on toxic chemicals. Tell your Congressional candidates [...]

Safe Chemicals Action Day: Call for ALL Candidates to Stand with Kids, Not the Chemical Lobby

Join people across the country for Safe Chemicals Action Day! Every day American families are exposed to toxic chemicals like lead, cadmium, and formaldehyde — often times through consumer products in our homes. Science shows links between toxic chemicals and childhood cancer, early puberty, infertility and learning and developmental disabilities. This is unacceptable. The chemical [...]

Mrs. Brune Goes to Washington – My Story from the Stroller Brigade

Crossposted from Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog. On May 22nd, I traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the National Stroller Brigade for Safe Chemicals. It’s difficult to put into words how it felt to be surrounded by hundreds of other people (mothers, cancer survivors, nurses, steel workers) all fighting for healthier policies for [...]

Stand Up to Support the Safe Chemicals Act!

The mounting evidence can’t be denied: toxic chemicals we’re exposed to everyday can significantly increase the risk of developing a myriad of health problems including infertility, learning and developmental disabilities, and even cancer. Congress has an obligation to pass a law that will protect our families from harmful chemicals. Tell Congress: We’re tired of being [...]

Stand Up for GMO Food Labels!

Urge Congress that GMO food must be labeled.  These could be the most important clicks your mouse makes today!

Our Right to Know: GMO Food Labeling

Earlier this month, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio circulated a letter to their House and Senate colleagues, calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require labels on genetically modified (GMO) food. The letter is open for Senators and Representatives to add their names for just a few more days, so it [...]

Hello, Senator? Give the Gift of Safer Chemicals, Please!

Today is a National Call-In Day for Safer Chemicals, organized by CEH and our coalition partners. By calling your Senator today, you have the exciting opportunity to add to the nationwide support for safer chemicals. Parents, doctors, teachers, nurses and others who care about their families’ health are calling their Senators to ask them to [...]

Take It Personally

On my way into work last Friday I heard a story on NPR about a UCSF study that found dozens of toxic chemicals in the bodies of pregnant women. I’ve written before about the vulnerable environment of the womb, and while I’m not surprised by the findings of this latest report, its release struck a [...]

A Note from the You May Now Rest Easily Department

US Congress member John Shimkus (R – IL) is now pursuing the chair of the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee.  But that’s just politics and energy and the kind boring stuff that flashes by on C-SPAN as I dance between Fox News and MTV.  Who cares about that? I’m here to tell [...]

Victory for California: Los Angeles Rules in Favor of the Clean Truck Program

It’s about time.  In a tremendous legal victory for clean air and workers’ rights, a CA district judge has ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Clean Truck program.  The Clean Truck program allows the Port of Los Angeles to enforce all provisions of one of the most effective diesel reduction programs in the country! [...]