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Dodgers, Angels May Contain High Levels of Flame Retardant Chemicals

April 1, 2013 Oakland, CA – According to a recent study, players on both Los Angeles Major League Baseball teams, the Dodgers and the Angels may contain high levels of toxic flame retardant chemicals usually found in furniture, including most couches in American homes. “We fear for the health and safety of the LA ball [...]

Moving to Safety First, for Our Children’s Health

Crossposted from Huffington Post When is a flame retardant not a flame retardant? When it is no more effective in retarding flames than, well, nothing. Since fire safety experts and government studies say that chemical flame retardants as they are used in many products are not effective, maybe we should stop calling them flame retardants. Recently nonprofits from seven [...]

No More Flame Retardant Chemicals in Gatorade – But How Healthy Is the Replacement?

In response to customer pressure, PepsiCo has announced they will remove a controversial chemical that is added to orange Gatorade. As we’ve written about before, brominated vegetable oils (BVOs) are patented flame retardant chemicals that are also used (for another purpose) in many citrus flavored sodas.  The chemicals have been linked to a number of [...]

Flame Retardant Chemicals in Furniture are Hard to Avoid

“Toxic flame retardant chemicals pervade the nation’s households, especially in California, and little can be done to keep them out of our bodies, two new studies show.” -SF Gate, November 2012 This week, a spate of excellent media came out, covering the release of two new studies showing the prevalence of toxic flame retardant chemicals [...]

Flame Retardant Chemicals Front Group Goes Up in Smoke

More than two years ago, CEH exposed the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics used by a chemical industry front group called Citizens for Fire Safety (CFFS). More recently, we highlighted the front group’s fraud with this hilarious video. CFFS includes no actual citizens and does not work for fire safety; instead, for years they have [...]

So What’s the Problem? Challenges in the Fight against Toxic Flame Retardants

Opposition to the use of chemical flame retardants has gained extraordinary momentum in just the past few months.  Catalyzed by a stunning exposé by the Chicago Tribune  and fed by a flood of ensuing media coverage, CEH and our allies have rallied scientists, doctors, activists, and community members.  Scientists have linked flame retardant exposure to [...]

Sacramento Bee: Change Safety Standards for Toxic Furniture

Crossposted from the Sacramento Bee, an op-ed by Sarah Janssen. Gov. Jerry Brown made a bold move last month when he directed a state agency to update California’s 40-year-old furniture flammability standards to improve fire safety and eliminate use of toxic and untested chemicals. Just a few weeks after Brown’s directive, the California Bureau of [...]

Flame Retardants linked to Autism? Yet Another Reason I Want FRs Out of My Couch

Crossposted from Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog, by Natalie Dayton. Last summer I had the privilege of working with one of the most inspiring, fun-loving groups in the world: children. I spent three warm summer months creating fond memories, sharing enriching experiences, expanding knowledge, and growing with these children. Over the course of my [...]

This Fourth of July: Claim Your Independence from Toxics!

Before you head off to your 4th of July barbeque this year, take a moment to think about the complexity of the freedom of choice we have as consumers.  Most supermarkets and stores we shop at carry thousands of brands, thousands of choices of food, products, and more that we get to choose between.  Those [...]