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A Master Class on Fracking (and earn CME credits)

You have probably heard a lot over the past couple years about fracking and natural gas. Proponents of fracking say: • The natural gas boom will make the US energy independent. • Natural gas is the bridge fuel that will help us stop climate change and fracking helps us get there faster. • Fracking is [...]

In New York, the 11th Hour in the Fight Against Fracking

It is an anxious and exciting time here in New York. We are in what health advocates are calling the 11th hour in determining the fate of New York and whether natural gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking) will take place in the state. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation have [...]

CEH In New York: Protecting the Public from Fracking Chemicals

Last week, I presented testimony to a New York State Assembly Committee hearing on the state’s proposed new rules for fracking – rules that we consider woefully inadequate to protect New Yorkers from the real health and environmental risks from fracking and fracking chemicals. I gave testimony as part of a panel of experts that [...]

Keep our water safe from toxic fracking chemicals

The Cuomo Administration has released draft rules to allow fracking for natural gas – a technology that has yet to be proven safe and puts our children and families at risk from water contamination, air pollution, and other toxic health threats. And we have just 3 days to submit comments opposing this plan. Please take [...]

Beware the Frack Flack Attack

The fracking industry recently held a conference on using public relations to “overcome public concern over hydraulic fracturing.” The result: media reports of the conference have greatly increased public concerns about fracking, and especially about the industry’s downright scary public relations tactics. Tapes of the conference that CNBC obtained from Earthworks activist Sharon Wilson show [...]

Greenwash of the Month: The Kid-Friendly (Fracking Dinosaur) “Fracosaurus”?

Hey, kids!  It’s Talisman Terry, your “friendly Fracosaurus”!  Terry the Fracosaurus teaches kids about “a clean energy source called Natural Gas,” found right in your hometown! Wait, what?! If the “frac” in that cartoon dinosaur’s name sounds scarily close to the natural gas drilling process called “fracking,” then you’re right—that’s exactly where it came from.  [...]