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CEH’s California Voter Guide 2012 – Vote to Protect Your Family’s Health

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our California Voter Guide 2012! We’re pleased to launch our 2012  Voter Guide with our positions on all of the ballot initiatives that will effect the health of you and your family.  We want to help you get the information you need to be an informed and [...]

From Dolly to Dinner: Your Right to Know

In California, voters have a chance next month to take a stand for our right to know when our food has been genetically modified, whether in plants or animals, by voting YES on Prop 37, the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. GMO foods are currently found in 70% of packaged foods in conventional [...]

OMG! GMO– The Toxies Nominee That Nature Never Intended

GMO’s–it’s the chemical 2012 Toxies nominee that nature never intended.  She’s the weird unnatural science project lurking in your food.  She is resistant to very toxic pesticides so genetically modified food carries higher toxic residues and forces the usage of stronger pesticides and the creation of “superweeds”. She very much appreciates the FDA relying on GMO-producing [...]

Get to Know the 2012 Toxies Nominees!

The 2012 Toxies Nominees are out!  Meet this year’s nominees below, and make sure to vote for the People’s Choice Award! Winners in each category will be announced on June 24 at the Toxies in Los Angeles. RSVP now or host a satellite viewing party with livestream of the ceremony. Check out all the 2012 [...]

Stand Up to Monsanto this Wednesday—March 28th is National GMO Call-In Day

This Wednesday we’re calling on Walmart to reject selling Monsanto’s GE sweet corn before farmers start planting it this summer. Walmart cares most about their bottom-line and public image. That’s why we’re collaborating with our allies at Food & Water Watch to generate thousands of calls from consumers this Wednesday, March 28th.  If there’s enough [...]

Join Us: This Saturday is GE-Free Action Day at Walmart!

Walmart is behind the curve on GMOs. While Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have responded to CEH’s surveys asking for their policy on Monsanto risky new, pesticide-laden corn, Walmart has ignored our direct questions about the Monsanto corn (check out the details in press release: Pressure on Walmart to Rebuff GE Sweet Corn Intensifies). In [...]