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Justice Fund Stories: Democracy in Action with Union de Vecinos

Water justice is beyond the science of contamination and clean up, it is about democracy. For the members of Union de Vecinos, this truth has mobilized and empowered their struggle for clean, healthy water for the city of Maywood, a small, working-class community in southeast Los Angeles County. For years whenever residents and members of [...]

Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage

Today, our friends at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families released their funny, animated video to garner public support for Congressional Action on the Toxic Substances Control Act.  Though getting nasty, hazardous chemicals out of consumer products is a serious issue, this video breaks things down in a funny, relatable way that we can all understand. Watch [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Baby-Safe Practices

Last week we discussed safe practices to reduce exposures to toxic chemicals when pregnant.  Of course, potentially harmful exposures don’t end when the baby is born.  As you probably know, young children are most vulnerable to the hazards of certain toxic chemicals since their bodies and brains are still developing. The President’s Cancer Panel recently [...]