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Urge Your Senator to Co-Sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act 2013!

From lead in toys to BPA in food cans to flame retardants in furniture, families should no longer be exposed to harmful chemicals, without our knowledge or consent. The Safe Chemicals Act 2013 would protect families across the country from these toxic exposures. Please take action to urge your Senator to support our health by [...]

Deadline TODAY: Protect Children and Families from BPA!

It’s past time for California to require labels on products with BPA. We have just until 5pm on Wednesday April 10th to take action! Join actress and mom Amy Brenneman in calling for BPA labeling!

Moving to Safety First, for Our Children’s Health

Crossposted from Huffington Post When is a flame retardant not a flame retardant? When it is no more effective in retarding flames than, well, nothing. Since fire safety experts and government studies say that chemical flame retardants as they are used in many products are not effective, maybe we should stop calling them flame retardants. Recently nonprofits from seven [...]

Is Toxic the New Black?

The fashion industry seems to think that toxic is the shade of the season, with new evidence of toxic clothes to match toxic purses and toxic jewelry. Greenpeace has recently released a report that uncovers the use of a cocktail of toxic chemicals in clothing by 20 major fashion brands, including Calvin Klein, Armani, Victoria’s [...]

Flame Retardant Chemicals in Furniture are Hard to Avoid

“Toxic flame retardant chemicals pervade the nation’s households, especially in California, and little can be done to keep them out of our bodies, two new studies show.” -SF Gate, November 2012 This week, a spate of excellent media came out, covering the release of two new studies showing the prevalence of toxic flame retardant chemicals [...]

If You Can’t Say It, Don’t Put It On Your Nails!

Phthalates (say “thal-lates”) are a family of chemicals used in a wide variety of products, including food packaging, cosmetics, nail polish, perfume, and flooring. An elite team of health professionals from a trio of high-powered research institutions (Harvard, the University of Rochester, and the University of Michigan) just published a compelling analysis about diabetes and exposure [...]

Victory + Next Steps: The Safe Chemicals Act Passes Committee

For the first time in over 30 years, Congress voted to update our outdated chemical safety laws.  In response to the growing number of parents, cancer survivors, doctors, nurses and concerned citizens who have become increasingly aware of the dangers of the toxic chemicals in our everyday products, the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) [...]

Tell Congress: Pass the Safe Chemicals Act!

We’re watching…. Will you send a message to your Senators letting them know you’ll be watching? For the first time ever there will be a vote in committee on the Safe Chemicals Act and we need you to encourage your Senators to support this bill. Take Action: Tell Your Senators to Pass the Safe Chemicals [...]

Greenwash of the Month: The High Price of Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, there are many risks that can come with cleaning your home.  Cancer-causing chemicals or fumes from cleaning products are released into the air, affecting indoor air quality, and accidental spills can cause serious skin rashes or burns. Last month, CEH pushed for the enforcement of a 40-year old New York state [...]

Flaming Mad About Chemical Industry Lies

CEH staff members have been consistently working on the problems surrounding flame retardants for the past 5 years.  We have uncovered and exposed many of the lies and deceptions that the chemical industry has perpetuated, but never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that the Chicago Tribune would issue a four-part investigative report [...]