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In New York, the 11th Hour in the Fight Against Fracking

It is an anxious and exciting time here in New York. We are in what health advocates are calling the 11th hour in determining the fate of New York and whether natural gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking) will take place in the state. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation have [...]

Justice Fund Stories: Democracy in Action with Union de Vecinos

Water justice is beyond the science of contamination and clean up, it is about democracy. For the members of Union de Vecinos, this truth has mobilized and empowered their struggle for clean, healthy water for the city of Maywood, a small, working-class community in southeast Los Angeles County. For years whenever residents and members of [...]

Eco-Tip: Ending Chemical Spills, Lessons from Hungary and Beyond

It can be challenging for people to wade through all of the lengthy chemical studies and information that’s published about many of the toxic chemicals that we hear about. Some “top ten toxins” lists are popular, although it’s hard to see how it’s possible to rank harmful chemicals from “top” to “bottom.” I’m guessing if [...]

Tell the Governor: Reduce Pesticide Use, for School Children and Workers’ Health!

Pesticide use is so prevalent in our country that these intentional poisons are nearly everywhere. Don’t want to take my word for it? There’s no need to: cautious, understated, and matter-of-fact reports from conservative government agencies verify that pesticides pollute our food, our water, and our bodies. That’s why I want to ask Californians to [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: Summer Camping

Last week Caroline wrote about natural, chemical-free ways to avoid mosquitoes at home and in the wild. This got me thinking about other ways to avoid toxic chemicals while on outdoor adventures. Yes, toxic chemicals in the wild may seem like a contradiction. But campers introduce toxics into the natural environment all too often when [...]

Eco-Tip of the Week: May is Water Awareness Month

Now that summer’s around the corner, swimming pools, sprinklers, trips to the beach or lake, water parks, and other wet ways to cool off are all starting to come to mind.  During the warm spring and summer months, we tend to not only do more water-related activities; we also use more water.  Everything from the [...]

Come See a Just and Sustainable Way to Twist, Turn on, and Flush

(SF Bay Area folks:  do yourself a favor and come to the opening of Literacy for Environmental Justice’s Living Classroom on People’s Earth Day, Sunday, April 18, 2010.) _______________________________________ Water.  Energy.  Waste treatment. I’m going to make a case for the sexiness of these overlooked fundamentals. It’s a tall order, I know.