Topics: Greenwashing

Green Windows or Green Washing?

Buying energy efficient windows is a win-win:  the environment wins because less energy need be generated through the burning of fossil fuels, and the consumer wins by saving money on energy bills.  It’s no surprise, then, that many homeowners are willing to pay a higher price for windows that claim to be energy efficient.  What [...]

A Rotten “Green” Apple?

CEH was disturbed to learn recently that Apple was leaving EPEAT, the EPA-supported group that sets environmental standards for computers and other products. Even more disturbing was the company’s refusal to explain their decision publicly or to the stakeholders within EPEAT, including CEH, which has been the leading public interest group monitoring the standards development [...]

Coke’s Plant Plastics: Not The Real Thing?

Plastic. Is. Everywhere. Though many people hate to admit it, plastic is an essential part of our day to day lives (although some people are pushing the no-plastics envelope). We hear the question “Paper or plastic?” every time we leave the grocery store. Small children clutch their favorite super hero toys in small palms, those [...]

Greenwash of the Month: The High Price of Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, there are many risks that can come with cleaning your home.  Cancer-causing chemicals or fumes from cleaning products are released into the air, affecting indoor air quality, and accidental spills can cause serious skin rashes or burns. Last month, CEH pushed for the enforcement of a 40-year old New York state [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Walmart Fails to Deliver on Sustainability

The other day, we wrote about how Walmart is Behind the Curve on GMOs. According to a recent report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) shows that safer food is not the only sustainability issue the company is behind on. Remember that whole ‘green’ stint that Walmart had going there for a while?  You [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Chemical Industry Front-Groups You Should Know About

The chemical, pesticide, and other industries have a long history of using their lobbyists and public relations firms to create industry front groups.  These front groups are paid to serve as purported independent analysts, while in reality they are nothing more than undercover proxies for dirty industries. Industry needs these phony front groups because public [...]

Truly Organic: Agreement Creates Truth-in-Labeling for Organic Personal Care Products

Yesterday, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) announced the first-ever legal settlement reached under California organic law. Under the agreements reached with eleven companies that make products sold at national retailers, including Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods and many others, their “organic” labeled products must comply with state rules requiring such products to contain at least [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Breast Cancer Prevention and Fracking Chemicals Don’t Mix

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and we’ve found a bad case of pinkwashing.  For the past two years, Chesapeake Energy Corp., a Marcellus Shale gas-drilling company, has been participating in the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition’s (PBCC) annual “Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer” home-run baseball derby. Chesapeake Energy reported more than $25 million in charitable [...]

Greenwash of the Month: Chemical Company Poses as Supporter of Safe Chemicals Act

Is your chemical company getting a lot of flak for all those nasty health problems that the toxic chemicals you produce have been causing? Don’t worry!  Follow the steps below to see a great chemical company marketing tactic guide that’s sure to gain your corporation better standing as a trusted, sustainable entity:  1. Pose as [...]

Greenwash of the Month: The Kid-Friendly (Fracking Dinosaur) “Fracosaurus”?

Hey, kids!  It’s Talisman Terry, your “friendly Fracosaurus”!  Terry the Fracosaurus teaches kids about “a clean energy source called Natural Gas,” found right in your hometown! Wait, what?! If the “frac” in that cartoon dinosaur’s name sounds scarily close to the natural gas drilling process called “fracking,” then you’re right—that’s exactly where it came from.  [...]